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A Tool Kit for Freelancers, Solopreneurs and New Business Owners

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If you’re starting a new business, new to freelance or a soon to be solopreneur who wants the Swiss Army Knives of business tools, you’ve somehow landed on the right page.

Here’s a list of tools you as a freelancer, solopreneur or new business owner need in your toolkit.

Google Domains:


Photo by Antonino Visalli on Unsplash

(Circa 2007) We are now at the peak of the internet blog page revolution; Facebook being the latest addition to the internet craze. It’s more addictive than caffeine.

Basically, it’s a website that offers the user the opportunities to add photo albums, a space where you have the traditional name…

Source: Instagram

Instagram just launched its TikTok copycat version called Reels.

By looking at it, you would think complete clone, with the visual copycat, similarity with certain elements but in reality, it’s not.

How can I access Reels? In Canada?

To view Instagram Reels, head on over to your Instagram app’s explore page and you should have thumbnails marked…


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